Our Response To Coronovirus Covid-19

News at Trilogy | 19/03/2020


The health and well-being of our clients, customers and team members is of paramount importance. The following are the key points of our Coronovirus Covid-19 policy, devised to avoid the spread of infection as a result of our usual business activities.

Our team members have been instructed to:-

  • Avoid any physical contact with clients, customers and visitors.  For instance, they been asked to avoid the customary handshake, despite a natural urge to do so and also to keep their distance.
  • Wash their hands thoroughly with hot water and anti-bacterial soap provided immediately on arrival at work and frequently throughout the day.  Specifically, they should wash their hands immediately after every interaction with a client/visitor in the office or on their return to the office following an appointment.
  • Use hand-sanitiser gel as supplied, where soap and water are not available, for instance when out of the office, before and after each appointment.
  • When on appointments, whether for client meetings or viewings, they should avoid contact with people and keep their distance.  They will ask clients/viewers if anyone in the party is unwell and if they are (with cold/flu symptoms particularly), they will ask them politely if that person could exclude themselves from the meeting/viewing.  If a client says someone on their site is unwell (again cold/flu), they may request to postpone the viewing. They should avoid touching anything they don’t need to such as furniture and handrails (except for safety).  They should advise viewers to do the same.
  • Ask every visitor, whether a surveyor, contractor etc., to declare if they are/have been unwell, particularly with cold/flu symptoms or if they have been in contact with anyone in that situation, prior to arranging their visit.  Any perceived risk will be declared in advance to the site manager where appropriate.
  • Without hesitation or question, they will comply with any request from a client to decline or cancel visitors or viewings to their development.
  • If a team member becomes unwell at work, especially with cold or flu-like symptoms, they should remain at least 2m from anyone else, leave the office and go home immediately, informing a director from a safe distance. If they are unwell at home, they should not come to the office and instead, particularly if they have cold or flu-like symptoms, they should self-isolate at home and call 111 for advice.
  • Team members should declare to one of the directors if they have been in contact with someone (family/friends etc) who has been confirmed or suspected to have Coronovirus, so that the appropriate action can be taken.

This advice and these procedures will remain under constant review and may be amended.

Our team will do everything possible to safeguard our clients and customers whilst continuing to go about our everyday business.

Thank you for your patience and understanding and we wish you well.