Why Buy Off Plan?

News at Trilogy | 02/12/2019

Trilogy currently has a number of exciting opportunities to purchase a new home off plan. This can be an extremely rewarding way to buy a property, bringing a whole host of benefits.

Having sold hundreds of properties off plan before, the team at Trilogy appreciate that purchasers need expert guidance and time dedicated to them to ensure that the words, drawings and pictures on the page can be brought fully to life. I will always encourage my customers to ask as many questions as they can - there is no question too silly or too small - so keep the questions coming! We want to ensure that you feel entirely comfortable and in control of the process.

So what are the benefits to buying off plan and why should you just not wait until the property is ready? Here are my top 6 reasons:

1. Pick the very best plot for yourself and don't run the risk of someone else buying it before you.
2. Have the opportunity to personalise your new home. Many developers will let you move or remove a wall, chose your perfect kitchen, select your favourite colour tiles or unique paint colours.
3. You have the potential to benefit from 100% of any capital growth throughout the build, whilst putting down just 10% of the value upon exchange of contracts. If the market rises by 5%, you have acheived a 50% return on your money!
4. A developer is often willing to agree to a lower price for an early reservation. They get the comfort of a sale and you get to buy the property at the very best price.
5. Many developers have purchasing schemes to help you with the moving process, beit part exchange or assisted move packages. Either way, the Trilogy team will be able to advise you on the sale and timing of your own property sale.

and finally...

6. When you reserve a new home early, there is far less time pressure around the whole moving process. You may even fit in a holiday or two in between exchange and completion, knowing your brand new home will be ready at a pre-agreed time.

Search for new homes on our website and see the off plan opportunities that are currently available to you. And most importantly, don't hesitate to pick up the phone and ask as many questions as you wish! You can also download the Trilogy Guide To Buying A New Home here